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What Is At Stake: As stated above, in a crowded chocolate market, agreeable and fair operating boundaries must be established in order for both firms to compete peacefully.

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Cadbury's India Limited apologised for the advert, saying it was issued "entirely in good faith, with no intention whatsoever to offend the sentiments of the public". The trademark office reviewed the application and published it in the Trade Marks Journal in InCadbury was granted the trademark to the purple shade of Pantone C.

By: Xavier Morales, Esq.

Cadbury problems

Finding a solution can satisfy both the conflicting stakeholders. In , Cadbury was granted the trademark to the purple shade of Pantone C. The purpose of this case study is to demonstrate the importance of clearly identifying and explicitly articulating a strong, durable trademark when seeking registration, in order to avoid rejection due to ambiguity. It was not just Brits that the angels supported. Such terms are unfair, especially when we have to pay the rent for the entire shelf space to the developer. The newspaper campaign featured a map of India showing the war-torn area of Jammu and Kashmir shaded over. Shame on crass commercialism shown by Cadbury's. Written in bold across the shaded area was the message "Too good to share" - the advertising slogan for Cadbury's Temptations brand of chocolates.

Cadbury would become more popular and common and after people have tried their chocolate through this scheme, it would encourage them to go buy more, which increases the profit for Cadbury. The campaign - the Indian equivalent of comparing a chocolate bar to the conflict over Northern Ireland - has caused a national outcry, with politicians from all parties demanding an apology from Cadbury's.

An estimated 50, people have died since the revolt against Indian rule in the Muslim-dominated valley 12 years ago.

These are age-old terms offered to wholesale dealers and now forced upon us by Cadbury. This scheme would be known as a fast effective way of advertising Cadburys chocolate.

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Trademark Disputes: Nestlé v. Cadbury