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Right away the company realized that it was more profitable to manufacture the concentrate used to make carbonated drinks than to bottle it.

The competition between the two giants has benefited not only the consumers but also the companies. Business Environment Over the past years, Coca-Cola Company has faced lots of changes in the business environment. Pepsi The company known as Coca-Cola today was started in September ofbut the first Coke brand was served as early as PepsiCo has a head start in diversification of their core product Pepsicola to snack foods FritoLay and Quaker Foods and healthier soft drinks.

The two drinks are very similar and every die hard Pepsi or Coke fan will say that that is a lie. For this they must remain creative, innovative, and flexible, to be able to adapt to those rapid changes in their environment. The non-carbs or healthy drink industry has been rapidly increasing and this trend should continue in the future.

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The advancement in technology led to company create a new product like cherry cock in but consumer prefers an original test of coca cola so that some time technology can affect badly. Coke needs to market segmentation in a new country where the company is planning to introduce the product because consumer need, test is different from another country. Changes and Challenges: The nonalcoholic industry is competitive. The so much talked about secret recipe, gives an advantage to Coca-Cola because nobody, not even Pepsi, can bring out the same taste. In Pakistan coca cola company employs people. Both companies are dealing with innovation and change. While the coca cola comes up with advanced recycling programs company decides through education they can prevent Littre. Both companies entered international markets, however Coca-Cola were more effective and lead the markets in most countries. This way they can gain the healthier drinks market. Coke have to compete with international companies as we as local companies where it functions. To Create Value and Make a Difference… everywhere in the world.

The company also invested in fashionable outfits which are made by recycling polyethylene terephthalate bottles. Another core competency and competitive advantage is their knowledge of innovative advertisement that captures the minds of the younger generations.

Therefore Coca-Cola should continue their effective marketing, which focuses on special moments in life that appeal to all generations at once, and show the world they provide a life-style rather than just a drink.

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New laws, demography changes, tax changes government policy changes are the example of macro change. Coke Pepsi and Coca-Cola are one of the top major beverage companies that have been constantly competing with each other.

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Sugar can be easily found in the open market, as there are many sugar producers and sugar substitutes corn syrup. To stride for honesty, fairness and integrity in everything we do. For more than a century, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have posted advertisement after advertisement to bring more viewers to their brand. Change in the nonalcoholic beverages business environment: The business of nonalcoholic beverage has been changing because of Consumers lifestyle, emerging views of health and nutrition, changing consumer needs and preferences, increase in similar products and price factor. As a result, threat of substitutes is high for CSD industry. Coca-Cola must know exactly what the customers want consumer surveys and feedback systems and broaden and develop their product portfolio to satisfy the customers. For this they must remain creative, innovative, and flexible, to be able to adapt to those rapid changes in their environment. Since last two years government is so conscious about the environment. Yet there were often competition among the can manufacturers to get a single contract. Reward system can be financial or nonfinancial nevertheless, the company have to give fair importance to all level employees. In order to further analyze the industry, Michael Porter's five forces framework, competitive strategies and resources and capabilities helps determine the attractiveness of the overall industry. Threat of substitutes There are many substitute products at that time, which includes milk, coffee, bottled water, juice, tea, wine, sports drinks, and more.
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The marketing war between Pepsi and Coca