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He compares quotes from both the original Hebrew of the Bible and from the Torah.

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Why you may ask? He implies that we need to own our responsibility to society and each individual victim that has fallen into the ate of cold-blooded murderous hands. Take for example, in his fourth refutation; he ridicules his critics, one in particular, Jimmy Breslin by calling his statement regarding capital punishment sophistic nonsense.

Most of his arguments were fact or dealt with extremely easy logic. Throughout the text, despite not in abundance, there is in fact some sense of emotional appeal pathos. Works Cited Koch, Edward I.

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The student journalists who worked to free a number of wrongly convicted men on the state's Capital Punishment: Arguments For Life And Death words - 2 pages Capital Punishment: Arguments for Life and Death Capital Punishment is the legal infliction of the death penalty on people convicted of a crime.

English 1A. Statistics ultimately speak for themselves, needing no further clarification hence why their use is extremely influential and in this case, utterly persuasive.

In Koch's third argument he starts off by saying that, "An innocent person Para 12 Koch argues this opposition with concrete Biblical inferences that unite our histories greatest philosophical thinkers and the U. Koch continues to imply that regardless, we as a people need to focus on the lives that were lost at the hands of convicted murderers. Hammurabi's Code, as well as the Bible referred to "eye for an eye. Because while the victim is not breathing their murderer is, while the victim is not eating their murderer is. Although Koch ridicules the opponent throughout some exerts of the text, the readers are still able to grasp his aggressive and almost certainly serious tone. This same murderer then killed a woman corrections officer. An example that Koch used is taxation. For more information on choosing credible sources for your paper, check out this blog post. Most of his arguments were fact or dealt with extremely easy logic.
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An Analysis of Death and Justice Article by Edward Koch