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A parent controlling the child by beating him or her up or using some other negative reinforcement will certainly make the child lose the trust in parents thus weaken the parent-child bond.

I think most of us know about the bad companies in our society. Both parents need to step up to the plate and take care of their children as equally as possible to make sure their child is provided with the proper guidance he or she deserves to survive in the real world.

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As soon she wakes up, she starts thinking about ourselves. We do lots of mistakes at this age, we try to convince parents every time for our activities with the outer world. Everything else is fake, but parents are the most important people in our life. Parents provide everything that is helpful in our development. Parents are our true guardians. She runs to the kitchen. This can also cause strained relationships with the mothers or other family members doing their best to take care of these children while their father is away. A child is easily motivated in class when the parents are regularly checking their books and attending to academics.

Roye to Hansaaya. They know everything about us. Yes, it is important because parents can play an important role in helping their children strengthen their behaviors, skills, attitudes and motivation that promote their physical and mental health.

She runs to the kitchen. Parents are living for us. Others of children.

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Besides, parents must also keep up their dedication by being a guiding spirit to their children and supporting them to be great individuals, as they are the assets of the future generation. They carry us to all the places they go to.

Role of parents in child development essay

They help in our teenage by guiding us from their own experiences and thinking about our day to day activities. After making our tasty breakfast, my mother quickly fills up our lunch boxes with tasty food. One of the first big discussions would be whether or not to attend a school or to stay home for education. The idea of responsibility is a broad notion that varies from culture to culture and from one age group to another. I love my parents. Parents play a very important role in the upbringing of children. They know by thinking about their teenage time.

They slapped on us when we did wrong.

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Essay: Supporting a parent's role as their child's first teacher