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Think of all the more interesting things you could be doing during that time.

Life without television essay

That means bigger parties! Tv never seem to give you that. Taking random decisions based on anything they see or get to know the first time is not ideally good. We all read more that week than we had read during the six months before. Because there was only one broadcaster — Doordarshan, in the beginning. Well then why pay for it? Television is modern form of media which educates, inform and entertain us. The other point is that we don't have any time slots in our lives to watch it. I am very sorry if what I said is confusing-- it was confusing enough trying to articulate! However, your third paragraph paragraph supports the latter interpretation to your initial question asking if people should forgo television altogether due to health concerns, social withdrawal, etc. Over the years, television has become an integral part of our lives. Marketing Internet marketers use the internet to sell products. Also, living without television could prevent it influence your way of thinking or making decisions. Photos would make more meaning than just for the sake of getting likes on Instagram.

Not to say that there is nothing good on TV but you can always get the one or two things you want to see off of the internet. Once our television returned, we were not prepared to put in the attic.

Consequently, you can check and make sure that your essay is truly argumentative by using a simple trick.

everyone would be alot better off without television

LOST is my crack. We use the Internet and Netflix, our kids have long attention spans and don't whine that they want what they see which they do when they go to a friend's house with tv. One plus to not owning a TV that you didn't mention, you save a lot of money when you never see ads for stuff.

Short paragraph on life without good things

There are many benefits and disadvantages living without TV, but on the other hand, we would all get used to it. For them, life without television is just a disaster. Now, I'm living with my friend for a while, and he watches cable tv all the time. I was off work last week and spent a day just veging out infront of the telly after not watching it for about 6 years. We love being TV free, and we love our local radio station rrr. It's all possible and its better then wasting one's life away in front of a TV. It's my one trashy, stupid TV show addiction. I understand the temptation, certainly, but it doesn't cost much to get a used TV off of craigslist I lived off of multiple ones for dollars combined for several years if only to use it for those debates, sports events, or whatever else you could find value for. My sister had an opportunity to tell about her short vacation with her friends to Nha Trang. I go to the movies quite a bit and enjoy watching DVDs at home. For example, the grocery store, gas station, restaurants, and even hospitals! Do you know any more use of the internet?

I know we can get a lot of information from other sources like the internet, but the older generation is not much friendly with it. But in the modern world, many other types of media also exists, such as magazines internet, radio etc.

if there were no television essay
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