Historical perspective of the scarlet letter

Following the crowd, while most do so without thinking, is not always the best choice and does not, as in the case of Hester, serve the right kind of justice. Throughout his life, Hawthorne was both fascinated and disturbed by his kinship with John Hathorne.

the scarlet letter setting

But, as Hawthorne has so adeptly shown, the choice is often a non-issue when swept away by the driving force of a larger crowd. Much later, once he establishes himself in society with a false identity as a physician, he is summoned to help the ailing Dimmesdale.

Hester and her daughter of sin, Pearl, end up living in a small cottage where Hester earns a living with her skillful needlework.

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Boston even held special Election Day sermons. New York: St. And the shame she once felt for Pearl is transformed into pure, satisfying love for a creation—despite the fact that Pearl was consummated through sin. New York: Greenwood Press, New York: Columbia UP, Moore, Margaret.

Inafter having lost the job, he published The Scarlet Letter to enthusiastic, if not widespread, acclaim.

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After college Hawthorne tried his hand at writing, producing historical sketches and an anonymous novel, Fanshawe, that detailed his college days rather embarrassingly. New York: Oxford UP, They must wait until after Election Day to set sail and Dimmesdale eagerly begins his final, enlightening, sermon.

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The scarlet letter (introduction & historical background/ setting)