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The cost of damage was estimated to be U. A recent study by Berlin-based Transparency International pegged 70 of countries surveyed as likely places for executives to be hit up for bribes. Until the advent of the UK Bribery Act, the focus of anti-bribery legislation had been on active bribery of foreign public officials as this is the main arena for bribery because of the harm it brings to societies and the way it undermines fair trading.

Such evidence is frequently obtained using undercover agents, since evidence of a quid pro quo relation can often be difficult to prove. But coming to grips with what appears to be an international groundswell of corruption is far from a simple matter.

Most recently, he examined perceptions of corruption in Mongolia, where he lived for a year while studying and teaching on a Fulbright Scholarship.

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A pharmaceutical or medical device company might offer free training or other benefits to doctors who prescribe its drug. For a case study, click here. Even in Norway, which has the least punitive of the new laws, bribery of foreign government officials is punishable by a year in jail.

Something of value was offered in the bribe, either a tangible item like cash or an intangible like the recipient of the bribe promising to provide support or influence in exchange for a beneficial act. Whatever the local custom, Our Code forbids facilitation payments to be made anywhere in the world.

Yes, Africa is littered with bridges instead of hospitals. Nichols believes that unraveling and explaining the mechanics of corruption is critical to helping the growing body of government and corporate organizations trying to fight it.

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Here is what our Code says: "Under no circumstances will we approve any irregular payment or payment in kind to win business, encourage others to act improperly or influence a decision in our favour.

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Bribery and corruption