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The closer the contacts are between the disabled and non-disabled peers, the more tolerance is expressed in opinion of school students towards the integration. Other measures—including the increase of public awareness—would not induce substantial costs Communications The policy measures proposed in this study imply state intervention into the status quo. Thirdly, the analysis shows that the school students are in support of inclusion. This paper gives a brief description of some structural and institutional reform proposals on a regional level elaborated in the framework of the Primary and Secondary Education Working Group of International Fellowship Program. Firstly, as the research shows, school administrators and officials of the Saratov Ministry of education support integration and outline the main difficulties of transition to inclusion as follows: 1 Lack of legislative base for implementation of inclusive education, 2 Inadequate financial base of educational system, which prevents recruiting proper professional staff and technical development of the program. In this example, the researcher was able to make clear outcomes about how the policy choices met some criteria Policy Choice A fails to meet the first criteria of legality. Make sure that all relevant criteria for your suggestions are properly outlined and that you include strategies for implementation of your recommendations. Who will assess the authenticity of this information? Advantages of inclusive education can be outline in the following way: 1 A reduced fear of human differences accompanied by increased comfort and awareness 2 Growth in social cognition 3 Improvement in self-concept of non-disabled students. Development of personal principles and ability to assume an advocacy role toward their peers and friends with disabilities 4 Warm and caring friendships 5 Although inclusive education seems likely to improve children's social development more than their academic achievement, the employment rate for high school graduates with special needs who had been in segregated programs is lower than for special needs graduates from integrated programs. Note these three main things during the preparation of a policy paper that will assist you to create a professional project: Try to identify main policy issues Use the most up-to-date and best research to help understand these issues Explore the implications of the research for the design and conduct of policy Requirements of the assignment The requirements of the assignment include: Determine the issue of a public concern Gather information Use it to the problem Create a set of possible solutions to the issue Offer a recommendation to the decision-makers based on everything mentioned above Collecting information The first thing you need to do is to choose a general area of interest.

This would allow us to immediately remove Policy Choice A from our list of choices without any further consideration. It may even prove economical on the long run. Consider not only the policy merits, such as the costs and benefits of each alternative, but political factors as well.

Principal criticisms of current practice of education of children with disabilities are as follows: 1 The part of teachers don't expect the special-ed children to succeed, and unwittingly fulfill their own prophecy.

how to write a social policy paper

Many of us would likely consider legality a necessary criterion. Keep in mind that collecting information helps you familiarize yourself with what has already been done.

But it is important for the policy analyst to be clear to readers and decision-makers where that uncertainty exists. Write your report in clear language that emphasizes active voice over passive.

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Or something else? The opinion of the key actors of the educational system — educational administrators, teachers, parents and children — is favorable towards the idea of inclusion.

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In general, however, both in capital and in the regions transition to inclusion has been restrained both by the lack of financial resource allocation, lack of initiative on the side of local authorities, and low public awareness. Proposed action Budget allocation A regional budget should be planned in order to support a restructuring of a regional school system so that it would include at least one school that would serve as a pilot project and as a possible model for inclusive educational setting. The policy recommendation. The majority of regular schools, colleges and universities are not ready to meet the students with disabilities: there are nor special constructions, neither special programs designed for such kind of education. Some policy reports analyze an issue, using political and economic analysis to compare possible policy alternatives. Additionally, address the limitations of your suggestions and identify possible unanticipated outcomes. Using the historical context Place the issue you are analyzing into historical context by explaining how the problem appeared and highlighting previous effect of analysis, if there are any, to address the issue.

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This paper gives a brief description of some structural and institutional reform proposals on a regional level elaborated in the framework of the Primary and Secondary Education Working Group of International Fellowship Program.

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