How to write an aa amends letter

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In step 9, you will then begin to make those amends to the people on the list. I focused on what was missing in my life and in you.

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They might throw us out of their home or even call the police. Repaying Debts Part of this step is the willingness to set things right.

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Yet that is not enough. I've always known that you are wonderful yet I pushed what I knew in my heart aside. But, before you rush out and start your apology tour, remember, there are two parts of the amends process — making a list and making amends. You can make amends to yourself on an ongoing process this way. Yet , you still protected me and chose to look at my goodness while everyone else couldn't do it anymore. Some people may be verbal about the hurt you caused while others may not. For example, whether you are a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous , or one of the many other Step programs, you should always work the Steps with the help of a sponsor. By extension, I believed you needed to do things right or I would be judged and left by others. I just didn't know how wonderful! It brings healing where things have broken down. Are there people you feel you owe amends to that are a threat to your well-being or a person of concern in another way?

Spiritual Principles Step 9 Spiritual Principles Humility might seem like a scary word but it is freedom from pride and arrogance. Do you have resentments that are getting in the way of your willingness to make amends? Finally, you take whatever action is necessary to right your wrong through your behavior.

how to write an aa amends letter

I put you out of my heart.

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