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Yet most of the time he barely wants anything to do with her. Rachel then confessed her love for Harvey and agreed to marry him. Alex Ross painted cover art for The Joker: The Greatest Stories Ever Told For the next several appearances, the Joker often escaped capture but suffered an apparent death falling off a cliff, being caught in a burning building, etc.

The entire United States declares war on the Joker under the orders of President Lex Luthor ; in response, Joker sends his minions to kill the President.

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He surrenders to Batman, but continues to taunt James Gordon, provoking the commissioner to shoot him in the kneecap. The Joker presenting his calling card to the mob. We discussed that and Bill [Finger] and I never wanted to change it at that time.

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Although he murdered thugs and civilians, he never fought Batman; this made The Joker a series in which the character's villainy prevailed over rival villains, instead of a struggle between good and evil. They voted for him to die, hence that Batman finds Jason's lifeless body.

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Character arc[ edit ] The character is indirectly referenced at the end of Batman Beginswhen Lt. In this universe, Bruce Wayne passes away instead of his parents. A sloppy red grin is painted on the Glasgow smile beneath the makeup, extending from the mouth to the cheeks.

Using a "secret" probably knowledge of his true identity as leverage, they tried to force him to murder Batman. The Joker then became the target of a blackmail scheme from an organization called "El Penitente".

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Is he afraid to admit his true feelings, or could it be because his heart and soul lie elsewhere? Although they have a friendly partnership in 's World's Finest Comics 88, later unions emphasized their mutual hostility and clashing egos. As the show's popularity waned, however, so did that of the Batman comics. He extends a loving hand. At the same time however, he operated as the mysterious Domino Killer, killing members of the Black Glove one by one. However, the novelization of the film makes an ambiguous reference to the character while describing Blackgate Prison : Now that the Dent Act had made it all but impossible to cop an insanity plea , it had replaced Arkham Asylum as the preferred location for imprisoning both convicted and suspected felons. Later, Gorilla Grodd takes over the Joker's tribe and is told by Monsieur Mallah to ditch the humans and form a society together, which results in Gorilla Grodd killing Mallah by smashing the brain case over his head after being insulted. Jack escapes, but falls into an empty vat as gunfire punctures chemical tanks above him. Who can say? This enables him to create a new personality every day depending on what would benefit him and explains why, at different times, he is a mischievous clown or a psychopathic killer. Joker and his men managed to destroy nearly all of the GCPD vehicles in the convoy, but, when he attempted to destroy the armored car that carried Dent, Batman intercepted his RPG, at the cost of the Batmobile Batman detached part of it in the form of the Batpod.
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