Lego porter five forces

Substitutes are everything that rivals with Lego about children playtime, such as other traditional toys or computer games. Value disciplines For lego it is hard to directly reach the children.

porters five forces

The paper has also provided some recommendations and action plan for the issues facing the LEGO group. Substitutes to games and playthings include avocations, athleticss, school and extracurricular activities. Lego has low concerns on its major rivals. Lego has therefore a critical competitive advantage over its competitors, as they can not look back on such a long history.

Init decreased to Children get bored fast and switch to substitutes. It has achieved this via helping the providers to show their significance in the plaything industry.

Finally, there are highly high entrants of new entrants in this plaything industry. The company has also a wide range of products that are unique and of high quality.

However, LEGO has adopted a number of strategies to ensure substitutes are not a threat to the company.

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Porters Five Forces