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This alone can be devastating to the family unit and to the individual members. To foreigners, it represents the ancient culture in its eternity. The intellectual ferment was strongest in West Bengal, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu as there was more rigidity than other parts of India in observances of various rituals and rules. Relentless efforts of missionaries, with an aim to convert poor people into Christianity, could educate a very small number of people from amongst them. Can you explain this topic? The Dharma of a student is to earn knowledge, the Dharma of a knowledgeable person is to teach and share knowledge, the Dharma of a parent is to protect his children, the Dharma of a king is to protect his subjects, and so on. In the ancient Indian education system, every student used to be trained to understand and follow the concept of Dharma. But sorry, we are too educated and dignified to be doing this blue collar work. Revolutionary developments in the areas Science and technology, information technology and mass media made all kind of knowledge accessible and organized knowledge, but could not guide people to organized life. I would suggest that all farmers stop selling their crops to the non-farming section of the society, and instead exchange all the different food crops amongst themselves. Wrong practices developed deformities — Most of rituals, customs and traditions have lost their sanctity and developed many distortions because people started following them blindly and in a wrong way.

What is unprofitable is to try to outguess the rate of advancing knowledge and the forms and effects of its application through technology. Principle of Karma gives hope to people not to get disappointed by their present unfavorable circumstances.

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Both the mother and the father have responsibility, but the mother has to do more, like work to In short, culture of a society includes within itself knowledge, belief and behavior as well as attitudes values, goals and practices of that society.

Negative Effect Of Modern Education networking has many positive effects in society, it has more negative consequences, especially upon teenagers, such as cyber-bullying, negative influences on social behavior, and the promotions of crime and violence.

Ever wondered why in spite of churning out such a huge number of engineering graduates, only a fraction of them are said to be employable? While technologies have their advantages there is a negative effect to all this technology as well.

With such a strong hold on modern society, mass media has been able to shape popular culture and influence public opinion. It influenced almost all other religions found in India.

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It means an escalating boost of grades National leaders, Reformers and a section of intelligentsia could feel the damage, British racial discrimination and their repressive policies were doing.

The television experience allows us to escape from the real world and enter into a pleasurable and peaceful mental state. Attracted attention of social reformers — Modern education had attracted the attention of social reformers towards social evils caused by ignorance, superstitions or irrationality like mumbo-jumbo of rituals and superstitions created by some selfish people to entangle the ignorant and poor masses, un-touch-ability and inhuman treatment to women, Sati, Polygamy, child marriage etc.

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But, where is the happiness and satisfaction And who is that government? Smart boards also offer Microsoft PowerPoint, Outlook and many other programs that are great for teaching. They organized people, held conferences and published articles to inspire and spread awareness amongst the people allover India. It avoided rivalry or bitterness for pelf, power or position amongst different sections of society. This progress in technology has had many positive effects on education. Individual aspirations take precedence over the social well being. But to make our point of view ultimately convincing we will introduce to your attention certain facts that people do not want to accept and often try to justify. As a result, Sufi and Bhakti movements emerged into the scene. Share this:. It prevents people from being revengeful or putting blame on others for their own failures, miseries. Concedes validity to all the religions -Tolerance is most evident in the field of religion.

It was more important for them to work and arrange two square meals day. Renunciation leads to joy and attainment brings worries.

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