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Which Tasmanian marsupial is known for its fiery temper? Some of the main general knowledge questions are frequently asked in many types of contests. Also includes a lots of questions statewise to prepare you better for upcoming exams and interviews. Whose face was said to have launched ships? Which reptile, according to the song, should you never smile at? What happened to the racehorse named Shergar in ? Which item of nursery furniture was set on top of a tree? Name the American actress famous for her violet eyes and voluptuous figure, who found fame as an Egyptian. Paul Newman ate fifty eggs in which film? Little Jack Horner. Each written test includes a section called GK questions and answers. If you rode a Chopper, what was this? Who was the lover of the Roman known as Marc Anthony? Which city does the River Lagan flow through?

It is essential to know some important general knowledge questions. Especially in the UK pub quizzes are popular.

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The world's very first website. So check out the questions and answers and get ready for the exam. The Beatles. It is better to have knowledge about this.

Dr Who.

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Quiz J Born in the 16th Century in Devon, England, his career was linked to tobacco and potatoes, and he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. As we all know, we are in a competitive world.

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What am I? Each written test includes a section called GK questions and answers. Available in many sizes and styles, and able to halt at many train-free stations, what am I? Which summer desert is often eaten during Wimbledon's tennis matches? Which country does the sport of pelato come from? These GK questions and answers are based on the daily news. Name the British lady who played a role in the Crimean War, and who received the Order of Merit in ? What is an irrational fear of trees called?
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