To jepet or not to jepet

This helps both the students and the school. A college graduate must be able write a good, well organized and structured essay. The problem SFSU students face is that most students cannot write a simple organized essay.

Most students, including me have trouble structuring sentences.

should students have to repeat a grade if they fail

This boosted learning morale will improve passing rates therefore necessitating the need to rethink JEPET. In that time off, most students are not exposed to writing essays and have forgotten to structure their sentences well, causing them to write poorly in the exam.

This is because it defeats the purpose of its own existence as students are not adequately trained to write. The University has been using the JEPET as an exit exam for past 20 years and that suggests that it has been working well in opting out students with good writing skills and offering an extra class to help students become better writers.

Those who perform poorly in the test must then take an additional English class to make them better writers. Related posts:.

benefits of grade retention

Also, Students who are good writers do not want to take another English class so by passing the test, they can avoid taking Eng and concentrate on their core major classes. September Advertising Looking for essay on education?

And tests like JEPET help students prepare for the real world by asking writers to take a position on a controversial issue and to support it with evidence provided.

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