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Giving loan is a risky affair for bank sometimes and certain risks may also come when banks offer securities and other forms of investment.

statement of the problem for financial performance analysis

The interest rate payable for loans upto 35 months is at This apart the government of Kerala had a progressive vision of generating non-revenue income through such public sector ventures. To know more about credit risk management.

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The maximum amount of advance is Rs. It is a unique financial product which blends the advantage of both investment and advance. Job uses skill, experiences and qualification Table 4.

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As a result the employees become motivated and give their best efforts in order to achieve the organizational goals as well as personal goals. Salary is fair This apart the government of Kerala had a progressive vision of generating non-revenue income through such public sector ventures. The office hours prescribed for Evening Branches are from1p. Therefore research presupposes knowledge of kinds and sources of information. To be responsible for the accuracy of the prize amounts and other payments made. The loanee will be given opportunity to purchase BIS. It can emerge as a alternative to the MNCs and other monopolies in their respective field to certain extent and in the case of consumer sector, educational sector, as an alternative to a large extent. In the case of part time employees; it is fixed from 8 a. The articles for which CVL is made available include all consumer durable article including computers, motor vehicles, certain durable medical equipment for clinic, agricultural equipment etc. Travel to work place Table 4. To verify and initial transfer chalans and to be responsible for any erroneous or fraudulent entry in respect of such chalans. Chit fund is perhaps the oldest indigenous financial Institutions.

To correspond with persons from whom the Money Order has been received in cases where proper details regarding such remittances are not available. Various techniques of credit risk analyses have been used for evaluating and interpreting the credit to the company.

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The first board of directors was constituted as per G. It may be noted here that human resources should be utilized to be maximum possible extent, in order to achieve individual and organizational goals. Balance amount has to be remitted by the customer. It is the sum total of inherent abilities, acquired knowledge skills represented by the talents and aptitudes of the employed persons who comprise executives, supervisor and the rank and file employees. It is a good starting point, but it usually stops short of what really matters. The financial performance of the companyis analysed, interpreted and suggestions are given. As this loan is given only for marriage purposes, genuine proof of the same should be produced to the satisfaction of the company. The internship is confined to 45 days based on the primary data obtained from the head of various departments, the middle level managers and other staff. This loan can be availed by salaried persons having a net monthly pay exceeding Rs. Different types of researches require different types of information. What are the factors who make the employee happy on doing work and not to leave the job. Further the information compiled was updated by detailed discussions with the top financial officials of the company, to get appraised of the various methodologies and practices undertaken in order to control the ow of cash of the company. What is the interest rate? Working hours at KSFE is satisfactory
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Verall Performance Review of Ksfe Ltd Thrissur Essay