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This ensures that it will be seen by a reader, and actually used to navigate the content. No one wants to read that…just ask any college student.

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Why white papers are so effective White papers are synonymous with expertise and quality. The longform white paper template also gives you spots where you can place pull quotes, helping you feature the most important points of your research. Then you should decide on the type of white paper that best suits your needs and design the document accordingly. You can use a color that reflects your corporate structure, or something more vibrant. White papers can be used in many ways: whether for specific surveys or PR communication — they should always be build on a factual basis. If possible, do not associate the written document with unnecessary sales talk. Use it for inspiration and then start creating. As the author of a convincing white paper, you can expect to be perceived as an expert in the relevant field, as you let the facts speak for themselves — this show trust in your product and makes you particularly credible. Strategic white papers Strategic white papers also aim to change a status quo within a particular area, but have a different target group. You did a tremendous job. In addition to convincing facts, you should also integrate visual material like relevant statistics into the text to create a more appealing flow. Think: what kind of flow do I want my report to have? Your images and icons will be replaced with a new image that is already formatted to the template. It was so visual that today we would call it an e-book. Pull particularly impactful and persuasive quotes and make them stand out from the rest of the text using big, bold font.

In order to protect your privacy, the video will not load until you click on it. While this can be expensive, it is essential in creating a convincing white paper.

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Include calls to action throughout your white paper In a white paper, there are plenty of opportunities to offer your product or business as a solution to problems your target audience faces. Start with a title page but make it a good one. I just wanted to say that you are incredible at what you do. In general, white papers are more effective than conventional advertising messages. One key is to take a look at the whole document and ensure that your pages have a similar style and feel. Your next page should be the table of contents. Then, pick visuals with similarly sleek color schemes. Use icons to emphasize section headers in your white paper One of the primary goals of your white paper is to communicate information in an engaging way. While this can be expensive, it is essential in creating a convincing white paper. To substantiate the self-promotion, content from other studies, surveys, blog entries and testimonials are helpful.

Keep an eye out for future posts on how to write a white paper, as well as examples to get you started! This way, anyone can benefit from your expertise, and you can generate additional traffic for your site.

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For example, Google evaluates long, specialized texts better than concentrated, short advertising messages. Sign up free. The following section will outline what you need to consider when you create a white paper. You can also get professional PR staff when creating a white paper.

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33+ White Paper Templates in PDF