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The first would be a tragedy and the second half would be a comedy called 'Spring Story. Gives the students different ideas; helps the students visualize their own concepts, etc. What was my vision?

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I would approach directing a show differently depending on who may be attending and where it was going to be done. Find music that represents the story and the main character. Such a concept would not undermine the play the way it would a more recent script, or a play that is still part of our cultural reference, like Philip Barry's 'The Philadelphia Story.

Directorial concept for antigone

I was very pleased with my production of 'The Winter's Tale,' which relocated a very difficult play into Central Park. These examples are particularly useful when considering the length and type of language that should be used in when presenting your directorial concept. Highlight the one word, image, or action that speaks to you in the script. There's something so visceral about what audiences go through each evening, because 'Drumstruck' is so physical. In fact, we removed the winter from the play. These ideas work best when you are inspired by the material you are directing. Back Stage consulted with a group of working directors to get their ideas on the subject and their experiences from past assignments. Step 8—Bring the class together to discuss how this exercise can help them develop their own production concept. And it is that word that forms the basis for my approach to the play. Taste: Tropical Fruit and ice cream. This helped create the spooky yet magical aura of the island. It may be clarified by exploring the following. Why is it important to have a vision? I also believe that a director's concept should aid the production and make it more accessible to the audience. Here are just a few to get your creative juices flowing: - Use nontraditional and multiracial casting.

And I fell in love with it. After meeting for several hours with the dramaturg, we decided that it was six words -- 'searching for the meaning in life. I have found that giving the actors and design team one word, rather than a concept statement, results in more-cohesive work on the part of my collaborators.

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Even when the most editorial of directors intends to faithfully produce a writer's intentions on the stage, a director makes many interpretive decisions based on the director's aesthetic sensibility and experience, the styles and expertise of the other collaborative artists, and the specific audience for which the play will be produced. They play their drums and go into a 'drum zone,' a meditative place where they can free their minds. Students are going to look at the pictures again. This is an opportunity for the students to express what they like and why. For example, we had Caliban played by a whiny, childlike blond girl pitted against a more confident, womanly Prospera. The director must be able to communicate ideas about the text in terms that the actor can translate into stage action and thus communicate to the audience. Look around the room. And, in general, American laws are more restrictive than other countries' laws regarding public domain. What period of time does it represent? I also believe that a director's concept should aid the production and make it more accessible to the audience.

Of course, changing or reworking scripted pieces cannot legally be done without the author's written permission.

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